About Global Yoga Shala


Global Yoga Shala is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in yoga teaching and practice as we develop the next generation of leaders in the yoga industry. We offer an assurance of quality instruction that empowers the serious student of yoga to become an instructor while advancing his/her own personal practice. Our goal is to provide teaching excellence that addresses the needs of dedicated students, aspiring teachers, and current yoga instructors. Our personable, unique and individually tailored teaching methods create a warm and fun atmosphere, making our trainings unforgettable learning experiences.

Global Yoga Shala carefully selects safe, fun, beautiful, and unique environments around the world for our teacher training programs and retreats, giving students the opportunity to immerse into the practice of yoga and reconnect in an environment free from stress and life’s ordinary obligations.


Global Yoga Shala offers a 28-day intensive yoga teacher training certification program that produces the most knowledgeable and most highly trained instructors in the industry. Global Yoga Shala students not only gain confidence and expertise to lead a variety of yoga classes but they learn how to promote their career and continue to grow as an instructor and life-long student of yoga. Students emerge as well-trained, highly knowledgeable yoga instructors both in practice and theory.

Students completing the course, receive a 200-Hour or 500-Hour teacher-training certificate from Global Yoga Shala at the completion of either the 200 or 500-Hour program. More info on our Yoga Teacher Training program and our certification requirements.

As a Registered Yoga School at Yoga Alliance, Global Yoga Shala’s curriculum allows students to immediately apply for the internationally recognized Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status with Yoga Alliance after completion of the 200-Hour or 500-Hour course. Students who may already have their 200-Hour certificate with another school may apply for 500-Hour certification with Global Yoga Shala as long as the 200-Hour certification received meets Global Yoga Shala’s standards. More info about our certification.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Offers:

  • Experienced, International, Multi-lingual faculty
  • The opportunity to study, refine, and deepen your own practice, including asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • A thorough exploration of over 70 asanas, including their alignment principles, energetic actions, modifications, use of props, variations, verbal and hands-on cues, risks, contraindications, and benefits.
  • Study of yoga philosophy, history, and literature presented in a captivating, narrated format by knowledgeable instructors
  • Study of ethics with practical useful real-life examples
  • Detailed information on yogic lifestyle practices such as Ayurveda, and nutrition
  • Training and practical experience in planning classes and sequencing asana, pranayama, and meditation practices
  • Detailed information on the business of yoga including pay scales and studio/gym practices
  • Opportunities to learn how to work with students who have injuries and other limiting conditions.
  • Opportunities to learn about prenatal yoga
  • Extensive opportunities for progressively more challenging practical experience teaching asana and entire classes with different style of Yoga
  • Opportunities for apprenticing with experienced teachers
  • Guidance in finding your niche as a teacher and getting started in the profession
  • Mentoring program, one on one personal guidance from Global Yoga Shala teachers after you graduate
  • Ongoing connection with students from all over the world, in a cultural exchange centered on yoga
  • Opportunity to travel unique and inspiring worldwide destinations
  • Unique opportunity to leave your daily routine behind and focus solely on yoga and self for one month
  • Lodging in spectacular resort locations worldwide
  • Gourmet, heathy meals

Our Pricing

Sure, it would be great if yoga could always be free. The reality is that yoga instructors need to make a living and companies that provide yoga services need to cover their costs and make a reasonable profit to continue to provide those services.

You may run across other teacher training programs that you believe cost less, however quite often those programs often do not include lodging and gourmet meals in unique and inspiring international destinations. In fact, the majority of our price is made up of the costs of lodging and meals…take that out and you will find our training is often less expensive than other programs.

We also offer top-notch instructors. Highly qualified instructors do not come cheap. They are in demand, and must be compensated accordingly.

Also, you will not find programs with as low a student/teacher ratio or one that offers as comprehensive and in-depth a curriculum as that offered by Global Yoga Shala.

Our 200 hr Program alone can be compared to 180 semester hours of University instruction in the United States.  That is 12 times a full semester load at University and more classroom time than some Universities require to graduate with a 4-year degree! In a University setting you would be paying around $15,000 in a U.S. public institution and $30,000 in a private institution* for the same amount of teaching.

Sure, you can get a yoga-teaching certificate on the cheap these days, but do you really want to?

We know many of you have financial difficulties, and that is why we offer a Scholarship program. This program may cover up to 75% of the cost.  However, this program is for those truly in need and as such we have a rigorous evaluation and approval process. Need a Scholarship? Apply here. 

* According to the Institute of Education Sciences.

Teacher Training Program Comparison Checklist:

So, when you run across other teacher training programs that you believe cost less here’s what you should find out to compare apples-to-apples:

  • Does the price include resort lodging?
  • Does the price include gourmet meals?
  • Does the training take place in unique and inspiring international destinations that takes your out of your ordinary routine?
  • What credentials does the lead instructor hold?
  • What is the student/teacher ratio?
  • How many in-classroom hours will you spend with the lead instructor?

A final word on certification

Global Shala recognizes that traditional Master-student instruction is the highest form of yoga study, leading to the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors.  However, this type of life-long dedication is not always possible. For that reason, Global Yoga Shala has chosen to certify students in accordance with the standards of Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is currently the only recognized certification program worldwide and this has certain advantages for professional yoga instructors today. Their requirements are rigorous and lead to knowledgeable, professional instructors when strictly adhered to and under the guidance of a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor(s).

Unlike other 200-Hour certification programs that fail to provide required instructor contact hours in order to shorten the duration of their training, Global Yoga Shala adheres strictly to all established requirements while providing students adequate personal time to explore the local environment, bond with other students or simply spend quite time reflecting on their personal journey.

However, a yoga teacher training certification alone will not guarantee an instructor’s success. Each certified student is encouraged to continue pursue a life-long study of yoga and follow sound ethical principles. However, a certificate from Global Yoga Shala is the highest standard of yoga instruction outside of the Master-student relationship.