Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

How should I prepare physically before the training?
It is highly recommended to have a regular yoga practice before attending this training. Ideally it would be best to practice Ashtanga yoga, or another vigorous form of vinyasa yoga, at least 3 times a week to prepare the body for the training. The better in shape you are before the training, the more you will get out of the training and advance in your practice.

I would like to attend the training and bring my family or partner with me. Is that possible? They are not interested in taking the training but can they sit in on classes?
Yes of course, any family member or significant other is welcome to stay at the resort during the training. They may have the option to participate in a limited number of classes if they wish. Please contact us in advance in such case for availability and rate.

What should I bring for the training?
A detailed packing list associated with the training you are attending will be provided upon registration. This list will include required texts to purchase and bring with you along with suggested items tailored to the unique environments in which we will be practicing. You will be in the yoga shala most of the day, therefore the majority of your clothes will be yoga attire. There will, however, be opportunities to explore the local surroundings and participate in excursions; therefore, other clothing will be necessary. Please also make sure to bring your mat, yoga towel, water bottle and any other items your regularly use to practice yoga. A light blanket is also advisable for long Shavasanas and Yoga Nidra. Notepad or notebook, pencils, pens and a journal will also be necessary. The full list will be provided at registration.

Is it okay to arrive a day late/leave a day early? What if I miss a class?
We understand that life happens and due to unforseen circumstances or prior committments students may have to arrive a day late, leave a day early, or may even miss a class for other reasons. This is okay but must be arranged in advance. To complete the certification students must attend 100% of the required classroom hours. Fortunately, students can make up classes during the scheduled days off. Please let us know in advance in order to arrange for make-up of classes you will miss.

I am pregnant, can I attend the training?
Every pregnancy is unique, and it may not be wise to attempt any kind of vigorous physical activity during pregnancy. Always consult your health practitioner before undertaking physical activity during pregnancy. However, if a regular yoga practice was part of your routine before the pregnancy, and you are not considered a “high risk” pregnancy, it is usually safe to continue with the same level of practice while modifying to fit the need of your changing body. Please contact us to discuss your ability to attend.

I have a special medical condition/injury, can I attend this training?
As with any medical condition, you should always consult with your health care practitioner first before undertaking any kind of physical activity, especially intensive activities outside of your normal routine. Please contact us directly to discuss your ability to attend. A Doctor’s note may be required.

Will I have to follow the vegetarian diet for the full duration of the training?
You are not required to follow a vegetarian diet during the training and meat options will be available for you to purchase if you so choose. However a vegetarian diet is recommended not only as an opportunity to detoxify your body, but also as a method to explore the dietary principles of a yoga lifestyle and realize the benefits it can have on your yoga practice.

I wish to participate in the teacher training to deepen my practice, but I am not interested in becoming a teacher, is this training right for me?
Yes it is. A month long practice will allow you to deepen your yoga practice and expand your knowledge of yoga. As a non-certification candidate you will not have to take exams nor will you be required to fulfill all course attendance requirements. Please let us know in advance if you do not intend to follow the certificate program.

Can I do just one week of the training?
Yes, we do offer the option of coming for only one week of teacher training. We can make accommodations for students who, due to scheduling conflicts, or other situations cannot attend the full 4-week training. You would need to sign up for our 7-day retreat program, and for a one time additional fee, receive credit for the courses you attend as part of that program. Please contact us for any such circumstance.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I attend the training?
Unfortunately not. However, we recommend our retreat options to begin your yoga journey.

I am a beginner in yoga, is the course suitable for me?
There are many different definitions of “beginner” with regard to yoga. Some may have considerable amount of yoga knowledge and follow a yoga lifestyle yet not be very advanced in the asana practice. Others may have great physical ability with regard to the postural practice but be a “beginner” with regard to their understanding or knowledge of yoga. Some, although inexperienced in either level have a great level of dedication and devotion to learning yoga. In such circumstances, the training may be suitable. Please contact us with regard to acceptance into the program if you consider yourself a beginner.

What is the minimum age to participate in your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification program?
We believe learning yoga in an intensive and formal teaching environment can be very beneficial at a young age. While there is no minimum age requirement, we recommend that students be at least 18 years old and have an established yoga practice before they apply for yoga teacher training certification. However, no matter what the age, all students will be evaluated via our registration/application process to determine if they are suitable candidates for our program. Only those that we feel have an established yoga practice and are prepared for an intensive learning environment will be accepted. Younger students may find that they do not yet have enough yoga experience to enter our teacher training program, but would benefit from attending as a yoga retreat student to gain exposure to the program.

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