Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship

Global Yoga Shala Scholarship Program

We believe everyone should have access to advanced yoga study as well as have the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor in order to share the benefits of yoga with their local community. The intention of the Global Yoga Shala Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Fund is to allow students to pursue advanced yoga study who would otherwise be unable to due to financial constraints.

Global Yoga Shala offers scholarships up to $1,250. However, yoga teacher training scholarship funds are limited. Because of this, recipients may not receive the full tuition assistance amount they request. Additional funds may be awarded through a work/study program, if available. Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis; therefore, students should submit scholarship applications well in advance to have the best chance of receiving scholarship funds.

As part of the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Program, each scholarship recipient is required to pledge a number of volunteer yoga instruction hours within their local community to a group who would otherwise not have access to yoga instruction.


  • The Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship program is meant for sincere yoga students who need financial help to achieve their yoga teacher training certification
  • Students who are not in a situation of financial hardship should not apply
  • Applicants need to provide two letters of recommendation or referrals from their teacher or other yoga students along with their application
  • Applicants are required to pledge a number of volunteer hours of yoga instruction or other community volunteer activities to assist those in need in their local community. The number of hours pledged is up to the applicant.
  • All applications need to be complete or will not be considered
  • The teacher training registration form for the training the student wishes to apply for must be filed out and submitted before the scholarship application
  • The $500 deposit needs to be made before the scholarship application is submitted. Without deposit the application will not be considered. In the case the scholarship is not attributed, $50 will be retained for processing fees
  • If the application is accepted, full reduced tuition is due upon scholarship approval


  • Global Yoga Shala makes its best effort to assess fairly and carefully the need of scholarship applicants based on information submitted and our best judgement. While financial need is the primary consideration, it is not the only consideration. Global Yoga Shala take the entire application into consideration when making awards.
  • Awards are made on a rolling basis
  • Awards range from $250 – $1,250
  • Funds are limited
  • Financial need is not a guarantee of Scholarship award
  • In some cases, those with a greater financial need than other applicants may be awarded less funds or no funds at all because they submitted their application later, after the majority of or all funds had been distributed. For this reason we encourage all applicants to register and apply as early as possible


While we endeavor to make the award decision within 30 days of application, this will vary. If students have questions about where their application is within the process, they can write to and inquire.


  • Submit the teacher training registration form of the training you are interested in
  • Pay the $500 deposit.
    ($500 will be deducted from the total tuition if your application is accepted.
    $450 will be reimbursed in case your application is not selected)
  • Fill out the Scholarship Application
  • Send your referral letter along with the application form to