Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

Here is what our students say about us and their Yoga Teacher Training reviews

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“I am so happy I choose Global Yoga Shala for my 200-Hour certification. The level of instructions and individual care surpassed all my expectations”
Valerie, US — (Mexico Training July 2014)

“Incredible experience. So happy to have attended. There is so much more to yoga than just physical exercices as in asanas, and there is so much that I learned what I or people in general do wrong often. Rachel helped everyone and tried to fix everyone’s issues (body and mind!) very kindly and patiently. This YTT was one of the best ideas I had so far! :) Thanks to everyone!”
Julie, Bonn, Germany — (Mexico Training July 2014)

“Global Yoga Shala has put together a fantastic program for Hatha based Yoga. It’s very accessible yet rigourous. I highly encourage anyone seeking to deepen their understanding to work with GYS”
Kelsey, NYC, NY USA — (Costa Rica Training June 2014)

“My stay in Puerto Rico with Laurence and Ricky was exactly what I needed. As someone already teaching and wanted to work towards a 500-Hour level of training, my first 100-Hour was a great blend of working on the body, mind, and soul. Being away and out of touch with my everyday atmosphere really allowed me to focus deeper on myself and do some much needed soul searching. The vibe of the instructors was that of someone full of knowledge who was eager to share and in a caring environment. Both Laurence and Ricky made themselves easily accessible if needed and adapted the flow of the training to what the group dynamic needed seamlessly. If you ar eon the fence about training or going on a yoga retreat, my advice is do it now, do it now, do it now!My belief is total immersion, especially in the way we live today (so fast paced/multitasking) is the way to go. Thank you so much Laurence and Ricky and the whole GYS team!”
Heather, Austin, TX USA — (Puerto Rico Training May 2014)

“I was amazed by how welcoming the Global Yoga Shala team was! From the very beginning we were warmly greater by the team and we became like a family. The level of instruction was also phenomenal. I have taken many training and workshops, but nothing tops the individualized attention that was carried through the entire program. I cannot wait to come to another training and complete my 500-Hour certification. Thank you GYS for creating such a program where students can learn and share their passion for yoga, all the while traveling to different parts of the world!
Gustavo, Austin, TX USA — (Puerto Rico Training May 2014)

“I was truly new to yoga when I decided to take a Global Yoga Shala teacher training in Puerto Rico. Before coming, I was worried I wouldn’t fit in or that I would be far less advanced than the other students, however, as soon as I arrived I was very welcomed and my worries went away. The teacher training program was more than I could have ever expected, the resort was fantastic, and the teachers are really passionate about spreading yoga and teaching to others. I cannot express how grateful I am for the Global Yoga Shala team and Laurence for the experience I had at the teacher training, for helping me to deepen my practice, for the friendships made and memories that will last a lifetime.”
Misha, Dallas, TX USA — (Puerto Rico Training May 2014)

“The management and teachers at GYS far exceeded my expectations.  Although I attended the teacher training, I would highly recommend GYS to not only teachers but those that are looking for an intensive yet enjoyable yoga experience.  GYS spends countless hours searching the globe for the ideal training setting and this research is made evident by amazing and unique locations discovered by the GYS team.  Why train locally when you can immerse yourself in beautiful environments and cultures such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, the goes on; all while learning from very experienced and dedicated teachers.  My experience was life changing and believe it would be for anyone else interested in all aspects of Yoga.”
Mark, Oakville, ON, Canada — (Puerto Rico Training May 2014)

“I have learned more on this yoga teaching trip in one month than I have the last 12 years practicing Yoga. Hillary and Ana are amazing teachers!”
Rachel, Waldfishbach, Germany — (India Training Feb 2014)

“Ana and Hillary are amazing! Ana is a walking book of yoga knowledge. Hillary has a beautiful love and knowledge of Ashtanga. She creates the most fun an intuitive space for practice! Their teaching will follow me everywhere my yoga journey takes me!! The curriculum is unlike any other out there, and you practice Ashtanga 6 days a week! If you want an amazing yoga teacher training course with the most knowledgable, passionate ans patient instructor, Global Yoga Shala is where to go!”
Carrie, Parker, CO, USA — (India Training Feb 2014)

“The best four weeks… It exceeded all my expectations. the tutors were brilliant and all had their own different specialities. The yoga practice. the yoga practice was always good and instructors gave useful assists and teaching points during practice. I could highly recommend this training to anyone with an interest in yoga or who would like to become a teacher. You will not be disappointed!
— (India Training Feb 2014)

“Amazing experience. Teachers were the perfect combination of humorous, personable and professional. An unforgettable time that will benefit me for the rest of my life!
Chris, Hamilton, ON, Canada — (Brazil Training Dec 2013)

“To come her and treat myself with this experience was the best decision even if it was hard to get the time off. I took this training at a difficult time in my personal life, and I left it with hope, joy, trust in my own abilities, and the tools to deal with the challenges of life. My practice improved a lot, I learned how to work hard and be gentle with myself at the same time, it was fun to sequence my first own class. So overall, Brazil was the start into my new happy life. Thank you!!!”
Theresa, Ingolstadt, Germany — (Brazil Training Dec 2013)

“An extraordinary and fabulously intense training that has given me a new appreciation for and understanding of the human body and yoga as an entire lifestyle. I’m coming away with an incredible home practice and the ability to safely and effectively bring the healing power of yoga to others. I’m endlessly grateful for this experience and would highly recommend this training to any serious yoga student and future teacher”.
Lonnie, Rutland, OH, USA — (Brazil Training Dec 2013)

“The structure of the course and the expertise of the instructors completely surpassed my expectations! Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but they connected to the students and made learning fun. I would recommend GYS to anyone interested in completing their 200-Hour. Beautiful destinations and comprehensive instruction – worth every penny!
Emanuela, Hamilton, Canada  — (Brazil Training Dec 2013)

“The training was incredible. Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and were able to engage us. It was a great being trained into an intensive with other from around the world and being able to support each other along the way. This group had such an interesting dynamic that allowed me to feel supported through all ups and downs. We entered as strangers and left as a family. AMAZING training, teachers and students. We survived Piracanga Brazil! :))” (Brazil Training Dec 2013)

“The training I received in Peru with Molly and Hillary definitely exceeded my expectations. Both instructors are very knowledgeable, approachable, and just amazing individuals in general! Everything was very organized from the time I signed up for the training until the completion. The location at Wilka Tika was the perfect atmosphere for a yoga training with a majestic gardens, food, people, and open clean studios. I have learned so much and I am so happy to have picked Global Yoga Shala for my 200-Hour Teacher Training!
Melissa, Hamilton, ON Canada — (Peru Training Nov 2013)

“The Global Yoga Shala Teacher Training was an amazing experience,. the location was magical, the curriculum detailed, structured, and in depth. it was a beautiful exploration of yoga on every level. I feel as though I have a new, extended family. Mollie and Hillary were incredible leaders: kind, nurturing, open and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this training to anyone who is ready to take a journey inward and explore a new sense of self”
Sarah, San Diego, CA, USA — (Peru Training Nov 2013)

“My experience in Peru with global Yoga Shala was incredible. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate, and the curriculum was challenging and informative. to be able to experience such mental, physical, and spiritual education was a blessing, particularly in such a healing and magical country. After my experience, I felt prepared to venture into the world of yoga instruction. Thank you for an experience I will always cherish and never forget! — (Peru Training Nov 2013)

“If you are looking for a high standard teacher training with great people and a beautiful place, look no further. Molly and Hillary have inspired me and passed on their expert knowledge to allow me to feel confident to spread my love of yoga to the world. Expert tuition, like minded people and wonderful surroundings – My month in Peru leaves me so many fond memories. Thank you!
Louisa, Aix en Provence, France — (Peru Training Nov 2013)

“My experience with Global Yoga Shala Teacher Training is without a doubt an experience of a lifetime. Knowledge and experience fem teachers is one thing, the passion and enthusiasm these teachers have are one an entirely higher vibration. So grateful to have experienced those levels of frequencies. More than ready to share what I’ve learned and cannot wait to experience and learn even more!”
Beatrice, Chicago IL USA — (Peru Training Nov 2013)

“Global Yoga Shala has my warmest recommendation. A month of teacher training, in France, with my family, has been a wonderful, challenging and eye opening experience.”
Kir, Copenhagen, Denmark — (France Training Aug 2013)

“Global Yoga Shala has helped me deepen my knowledge and practice of Ashtanga yoga. The training experience was thorough and exactly what I needed as a gateway to start teaching Yoga. I am so grateful for the wonderful tutors we had. Libby Cox and Laurence Juthy. They are extremely knowledgeable and are great yogis to learn from.”
Maria, Sydney, Australia —  (France Training Aug 2013)

“Global Yoga Shala created all conditions for me to deepen my practice and knowledge. I learnt every day with Libby and Laurence, who are two generous and wonderful teachers. This unforgettable experience allows me to continue to progress on the yoga path, as a student and as a teacher.”
MD, Paris, France —  (France Training Aug 2013)

“Laurence and Libby are lovely people! I had a great time and learned a lot! I definitely recommend this training!”
Claudia, Stuttgart, Germany — (France Training Aug 2013)

“I really enjoyed the unique experience with GYS in France. A pleasure and honour to practice with Libby and Laurence, they are exemplary teachers!”
Esther, Amsterdam, Holland — (France Training Aug 2013)

“When I signed up for GYS Teacher Training, I had set expectations and goals, but when I arrived in Costa Rica and met Libby, Edy, and the group, it really hit me as to what we were about to embark on! Libby, Edy, and Whitney gave their all to ensure we had all the tools and skills to embark on this new journey. Libby and Edy are the most extraordinary and passionate people and truly made this the most amazing and radical experience of my life. Their on-going commitment to their students have given me the tools to not only deepen and continue my practice, but lit a fire in me to share this knowledge with my future students. You both will forever have a special part of my heart.”
Tina, Georgetown, ON Canada — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2013)

“I came to Global Yoga Shala first because of the website, and the professionalism and time they took to making sure that they informed a future client of what they would receive. The atmosphere was one of welcoming all differences with a common goal – Yoga. So many aspects covered! I found a safe heaven to take time for myself, to be renewed, for introspection, and to do all the soul searching things everyone should do once in their lives to better themselves. Much gratitude and appreciation of this training program brought forth.”
Nancy, St Catharines, ON Canada — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2013)

“Wow!! This experience was a total transformation. I am leaving Global Yoga Shala’s retreat with something I’d never imagine I’d find myself. Thanks Libby, Edy, Whitney and Rachel for helping me walk through he door that’s always been there. xoxo”
Burgandi, Keswick, ON Canada — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2013)

” The Global Yoga Shala Costa Rica 2013 Teacher Training program changed my life. The experience, passion and professionalism of the instructors was evident throughout the program. The curriculum is very comprehensive and is successful in providing the tools to begin teaching right away. I have come away new person and will cherish my experience here for the rest of my life!
Amy, Vancouver, BC Canada — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2013)

“I cannot believe how much this training has allowed me to grow emotionally and spiritually! I am leaving this training confident and excited to make teaching yoga a prt of my life. Libby, Edy and Whitney are incredible teachers and more importantly incredible people. I’ve learned so much and am so thankful. I feel like I am now part of something much greater and will miss the incredible people I have met on this journey. Thank you so much! Namaste! xoxo.”
Carolina, Livinston, NJ USA — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2013)

“I just want to let you know that doing this teacher training is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so happy I am here. The curriculum is great, and the teachers are wonderful! I absolutely love Libby and Molly, they are among the best people I ever met! They are really good teachers, and they are both great sources of wisdom! It is so inspiring listening to Libby when she is giving classes on yoga philosophy or history. I can’t wait to read all these books, and learn even more! And Libby and Molly make a great teacher team! Everything is very well organised, and the manual is very good:) So I just want to say thank you for organizing this. It is truly a life changing experience. Peace and love”
Vibeke, Norway — (India Training Nov 2012)

“Because of Global Yoga Shala’s team I have had the opportunity to study Yoga with the best and brightest teachers and students I have ever met, and it has made all the difference in my practice and on my journey”
Jerome, Clinton, MA USA — (India Training Nov 2012)

“I had the honor and the pleasure to practice with Libby and Mollie, devoted, passionate, professional teachers. I felt very much at ease with them”
Margherita, Rome, Italy — (India Training Nov 2012)

“My experience with Global Yoga Shala was amazing. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in in the students’ development throughout the program. Whether you know you want to teach yoga or you simply want to deepen your practice (or both!), this program is a great choice. I can tell you I really enjoyed the month-long immersion rather than receiving a certification over a longer period of time. Two months after the India training, I feel like what I learned is just beginning to sink in and will continue to serve me the rest of my life. Additionally, I have been able to jump right in to teaching yoga with the knowledge gained from this training. I am forever grateful for this life-changing experience.”
Lauren, Austin, TX USA — (India Training Nov 2012)

“Thank you so much to the Global Yoga Shala Team. The past month has been an incredible journey and I have loved every minute. My body has never been so sore, my mind has never been so jammed full of information, and my soul has never been so open. Laurence and Libby are amazing, inspirational teachers, and I feel very prepared to begin teaching yoga. Thank you so much!! Love Bianca.”
Bianca, Johannesburg, South Africa — (France Training Aug 2012)

“This journey was/is by far the greatest gift to myself. It is one to be shared to everyone for I have found my inner peace, my joy, and my Dharma, and my Leela (my constitution and my play). I am grateful and would encourage anyone aspiring to be a Yoga teacher or find their way on their spiritual path to seek out the Global Yoga Shala Team.”
Regina, Wasilla AS, USA — (France Training Aug 2012)

“Global Yoga Shala allowed me to visit a beautiful place I’d never seen, learn and grow in my Yoga practice, and give me the confidence to be a great teacher! I feel without this experience just as it was I wouldn’t be as ready and excited to begin my life as a Yoga teacher. Laurence and Libby were so knowledgeable, helpful and kind! Thank you!
Annie, Athens GA, USA — (France Training Aug 2012)

“Coming from South Africa where Yoga is still relatively new, this training reached all my expectations and more. I feel inspired and that there are so many possibilities and opportunities available. I definitely have the yoga bug! The teachers were fantastic, their knowledge and ability were great and infectious. Will miss my new yoga family when I leave. Thank you Global Yoga Shala for a life altering experience. Namaste.”
Donnagh, Johannesburg, South Africa — (France Training Aug 2012)

“My experience was above and beyond my expectations. Laurence and Libby are beautiful teachers and people who have opened my eyes to what it is to become a teacher. Such an enriching experience. Namaste.”
Brittany, Bordeaux, France — (France Training Aug 2012)

“Thank you Global Shala Team. Beautiful program and wonderful training. I couldn’t asked for more.”
Benoit, Bern, Switzerland — (France Training Aug 2012)

“This year I had the pleasure to learn about Yoga with Global Yoga Shala, in a wonderful place and with great company. This experience is unforgettable!”
Ancuta, Romania — (France Training Aug 2012)

“The yoga teacher training through the Global Yoga Shala was phenomenal! It went above and beyond my expectations, and as another classmate and I like to say: “we hit the jackpot!” There are so many yoga teacher trainings out there…which one to choose? I cannot speak for the others, but I can express my deepest gratitude for the one I just experienced. The material was extensive, and so well rounded that I am still trying to digest all of the information presented…and will gladly be doing so for a lifetime. Each instructor had their own unique perspective and knowledge, bringing a heartfelt balance to the program. They were all eager to help us grow in our practice, didactic knowledge, and spirit. The setting was intimate with regards to the class size and amenities/facility, and the resort staff, my classmates, and my amazing teachers will be greatly missed. Incredible seeds have been planted, and it’s on me now to keep providing them with the necessary nourishment. Although, when I’m in need I know I will have expert yogic gardeners as resources…and more importantly as friends. Namaste!”
Amy, Albuquerque, NM USA — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2012)

“If you are looking for a yoga teacher training program dedicated to the holistic development of the yogi/yogini then look no further! The instructors of Global Yoga Shala masterfully weave together a curriculum that feeds the mind, body, and spirit.  From classes dedicated to yoga history/philosophy, anatomy/injury prevention, Ayurveda/diet (all delivered with the ease of consummate teaching professionals) to the creation of a supportive environment for daily asana practice, it is abundantly clear that the GYS staff poured their collective heart and souls into the development of a teacher training program that truly lives up to their mission of providing “teaching excellence.” Prior to GYS, I attended a 200 hour RYT which absolutely paled in comparison. I learned more from the GYS instructors in the first week of the training than I did in the entire previous 200 hour training. I will complete my 500 RYT training with GYS in November 2012 & take great pride in the fact that the teacher I am and will continue to become is largely due to the knowledge bestowed upon me by the exceptional instructors of GYS.”
Sandra, Hampton, VA USA — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2012)

“The Global Yoga Shala Teacher Training exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. You would be hard-pressed to find this level of professionalism and expertise elsewhere. One of the best things I’ve done in my life.”
Andrea, Albuquerque, NM USA — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2012)

“There is no part of you that is not welcome in your practice” This quote has resonated with me this whole training. Before making the trek here I really struggled with the love for myself, really finding it hard to forgive and accept. After the first week I found that I am ME! and I love that me, every part of me, because that’s who I am! Coming out of this training I will have learned a lot more than Sanskrit names of postures, but the tools on how to continue living a blessed life and that is something that will never fade. From the 5 in the morning wake up call to the evening meditations, that time in between I will look back and know I didn’t waste a moment of my life. I am extremely, internally grateful always for that. Many Blessings and much love, Namaste.”
Piper-Jane, WA USA — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2012)

“The program was excellent. The teachers were truly amazing—passionate, inspiring, engaging, and genuine. They emphasized the importance of trusting your body and listening to its wisdom, and really encouraged me to continue to follow my own unique path. Listen to your body—it tells you everything. I have to thank Global Yoga Shala for challenging me and encouraging me to stick with Yoga!!! ”
Justa, San Jose, Costa Rica — (Costa Rica Training Jun 2012)