yoga poseWhat is Yoga? Many sources have offered its definitions as union, uniting of body and mind, liberation, samadhi, and innumerable other descriptions focused on attainment of a perfected future state. While almost all styles of yoga disagree on what this future state looks like, and the practices for bringing about its attainment; all nevertheless agree that it is a state that is better than where we are today and eventually attainable given steady, disciplined practice.

So, what we can say absolutely is that there is no single definition of yoga, and likewise, no single practice to bring about attainment of the perfected state, however it may be defined. Each person must approach yoga in their own way, defining it on their own terms and in their own time. Your yoga practice today is not what it will be tomorrow, nor what it was yesterday. Over many years, you may totally disavow your previous definitions and practices of yoga. That’s yoga.

So, how do we define it? Yoga is evolutionary, constantly evolving and never static. Like human existence and experience, it evolves with us. At Global Yoga Shala we strive to evolve with yoga, honoring the past while looking to the future of this great gift from India.

There are so many different voices and styles of Yoga today it would be impossible to summarize all of them here, and equally impossible to teach or offer practices in each.

Below, we have briefly described some of the styles that we believe to be relevant to the study of yoga today and which make up our curriculum. These styles, each in their own way offer a unique aspect of this indefinable thing we call Yoga.